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“We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails. For maximum happiness, peace, and contentment, may we choose a positive attitude.”

Cora Hatch, 1859


OceanMinded Coachings are a cutting-edge blend of Freediving expertise, scientifically rooted Advanced Breathwork techniques, and neurophysiological insights into the habit of safety. We will guide you towards optimal performance by harnessing the power of breath, mind, and body. Unlock the secrets of your potential through personalized coachings that seamlessly integrate ancient wisdom with the latest scientific principles, creating a transformative journey toward holistic well-being.


Elite athletes, artists, executives, entrepreneurs, employees or ambitious freedivers – regardless of their personal background, in my training and coaching sessions I see people first and foremost. People in search of peace & quiet, depth, performance, experiences, mental tools for personal development or simply the happiness of the moment in the water.


Breathing influences our perception & sensitivity to inner processes (thoughts, emotions, behavior, habits). It can give us self-awareness & control over our neurophysiology, allow us to become self-effective, positively influence our physical & mental health, revolutionize our stress resilience, support our cardiovascular system, improve oxygen supply to cells and brain, increase focus, concentration and performance.


Current strategies for health and well-being ignore one of our most important biological needs: the path to focus, balance and performance is through internal physiological states regulated by our autonomic nervous system.


We are currently offering our newly developed coaching program “Inspiring Leaders” as an integrated seminar for companies. Alternatively, 2 variants are available:

  • Intensive on-site workshop + online dialog phase
  • Intensive workshop + online dialog phase

Contact us and ask for our detailed offer!


To ensure that you get the best possible experience and documented results from our coaching programs, we work with scientific and technological partners. With many years of experience as an Oxygen Advantage Coach combined with cutting-edge technology for scientific evaluation and presentation of your physiological development, you will receive a complete system that makes your successes visible and can accompany you sustainably even after the program.


OxygenAdvantage® is the world’s leading training program, that teaches the science behind functional breathing and its applications for physical and mental health and athletic performance. As an Advanced Functional Breathwork Instructor, I am part of a network that brings together over 5000 instructors from over 50 countries and draws on a scientific pool of research and knowledge about breathing and its benefits that has been in development for over 20 years.


As an OXALIFE Ambassador, I use the world’s first and only live HRV biofeedback system in coaching sessions. Oxa measures your heart rate, breathing rate and heart rate variability in real time and adapts breathing exercises for rest & recovery or energy & activation to your individual needs! NEW: Revolutionize your team’s wellbeing with Oxa Team Solutions. Create a burnout-safe workplace and retain talent with a solution that actively helps to reduce stress and make your company a “great place to work”.


Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all in our heads. Rather, the key to unlocking our potential lies in our physiology. The PLAY ZONE is the first coaching approach of its kind to apply Polyvagal Theory to performance and represents a paradigm shift in performance psychology – the path to peak performance is through our physiology and understanding and influencing our nervous system.

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