Discover your Depth

Beyond The Comfort Zone

“The only thing that is stopping you from where you are to where you want to go is your comfort zone.”

Dhaval Gaudier

Discover your Depth


With OceanMinded Experiences I invite you to carefully designed courses & retreats, salty air, the sound of the waves, floating on the surface, diving deep into fascinating topics and new feelings & experiences. Discover the inspiration and skills from the world of Freediving – live & up close in the water. In small groups, a family atmosphere and in combination with advanced breathing techniques, yoga, lightness and fun, you will learn to rediscover the art of relaxation, revolutionize your ability to deal with stress and reach your full potential. 

Freediving is a wonderful and very personal journey into the blue. We connect with the ocean, our body, our breath, face our fears, perceived physical and mental limits and finally learn to accept and overcome them. As Freedivers we know the superpower of the ocean and its depths as a great teacher. We train mental relaxation techniques to stay calm, we re-discover our aquatic nature, we come back to the surface strengthened, renewed, with glowing eyes.

OceanMinded Experiences offers you a framework in which you get to know perceptions, thoughts and your body from a different perspective beyond the „surface”, and discover true relaxation and control in the present moment. I would like to invite you to dive into a safe space, into your body and mind, to inspire you for the ocean and thereby help to preserve it. OceanMinded Experiences take place on and in the water!


1. Workshop „Calm under Pressure”



  • 3,5 hours


  • Beach Training session Functional Movement & Breathwork
  • In-Water Training session


  • Neurophysiology of safety & performance
  • Functional breathing & practical exercises for calmness, up-regulation, down-regulation, stress resilience & performance
  • Freediving Session Open Water


  • 180 €

2. Courses

AIDA Freediving-Certification

Value, Content, Prices


A 1 day intro free from time-, depth- or distance requirements for those who are curious about the purest form to be in and under water. Discover your aquatic potential, experience the serenity & silence of the ocean and enjoy. In just one day you learn Freediving basics in water safety, relaxation and breathing techniques and start to discover the amazing underwater world and its mysteries in a safe way.


  • 1 x Classroom Theory Session (Physiology, Breathing, Relaxation, Equalization, Rescue Techniques)
  • 1 x Dry Breathing & Relaxation Session
  • 1 x Open Water Session (putting theory into practice)


In this Discovery Course there are no requirements, no pressure. Just breathe, relax, and enjoy this immersion experience.


  • Be at least 18 years old (16 with parental consent)
  • Be able to swim
  • Medical Certificate


  • Freediving Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Diploma


  • € 95,- per person
  • Course duration 1 day


In this 2,5 day course you will develop a proper understanding, knowledge and skills to safely enjoy being in open water. The AIDA 2 course focusses on diving technique, relaxation, breathing, safety and rescue on a more profound level.



  • Physics of Immersion & Physiology
  • Breathing & Relaxation
  • Depth, Pressure, Equalization Techniques
  • Safety Procedures
  • Freediving Disciplines


  • Breathing & Relaxation Techniques
  • PoolSessions: Static & Dynamic
  • Open Water Sessions: Visualization, Duck-Dive, Equalization & Finning
  • Safety & Rescue


  • Static Breath-hold: 2 minutes
  • Dynamic Apnea (Distance): 40 meters
  • Dive (Depth): 16 – 20 meters
  • Theory Exam


  • Be at least 18 years old (16 with parental consent)
  • Be able to swim at least 200 meters
  • Medical Certificate (indicating you “do not have medical contraindications for freediving“.)


  • Digital Student Manual
  • Freediving Equipment
  • Insurance
  • AIDA 2 Certification (upon passing course requirements)


  • € 340,- per person
  • Course duration 3 days


This 3 day course will give you a greater knowledge of your oceanic nature and the mammalian diving response – a survival mechanism of our body in response to apnea and immersion in water. Advance and improve your equalisation technique, learn about training methods to improve CO2 tolerance & relaxation and deepen your understanding of advanced safety procedures.



  • Physics of Immersion & Physiology
  • Mammalian Dive Response
  • Relaxation
  • Equalization
  • Safety Procedures & Rescue Techniques
  • Lungs at depth
  • Training Concepts
  • DCS & Surface Intervals


  • 3 x Stretching for Freediving
  • 2 x Confined Water Session (Training Tables, Safety, Technique, Max. Performances
  • 4 x Open Water Session (Technique Development, Buddy Supervision & Safety Management, Self Evaluation & Training)


  • Static Breath-hold: 2:45 minutes
  • Dynamic Apnea (Distance): 55 meters
  • Dive (Depth): 24 – 30 meters
  • Theory Exam


  • Be at least 18 years old (16 with parental consent)
  • Be able to swim at least 400 meters
  • Medical Certificate (indicating you “do not have medical contraindications for freediving“.)


  • Digital Students Manual
  • Freediving Equipment
  • Insurance
  • AIDA 3 Certification (upon passing course requirements)


  • € 390,- per person

  • Course duration 3 days

  • AIDA 2 + 3 combo course available!


Welcome to the most amazing and energetic places in the world, to grow as a team an as individuals. Spend one week with us and return as another person.

DISCONNECT TO RECONNECT // Lanzarote, Winter 2024

Here is your invitation to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and reconnect with your inner peace and strength. Let the raw beauty of Lanzarote inspire you as you give new space to your passion for adventure and self-discovery. Welcome to a week that could change your life.

YOGA & EXPERIENCES / Get out of your head and into your Body

Daily yoga sessions strengthen and ground you, and help you to immerse yourself in the flow of experiences that we call life.

FREEDIVING & IMMERSION / Be water my friend

Get to know the transformative power of Freediving. Whether you are looking for performance, new experiences, mental tools for personal development or simply the happiness of the moment in the water – in our daily Freediving sessions you will get to know new perspectives of thinking, being and acting – Discover your depth.

BREATHWORK / Live in the Moment, live in the Breath

The way we breathe shows how we live. Discover how to control, positively develop and cultivate your physiology, emotions and thoughts through your breath. In an increasingly noisy & fastpaced world, I want to remind people of the small space of deceleration, regeneration, strength and unimaginable potential through Functional Breathwork – WE CARRY IT WITH US ALL THE TIME!


  • September / 07. – 14.09.2024
  • Octobre / 05. – 12.10.2024
  • November / 02. – 09.11.2024
  • December / 07. – 14.12.2024



Welcome to Lanzarote – the most northeastern of the Canary Islands. The landscape is dotted with craters; black, reddish, and brown volcanic rock alternates with gentle green against the backdrop of a steel-blue Atlantic – here one can feel the energy of primeval forces, experience nature as artwork, and find solace – perhaps within oneself. The coasts, beaches, landscapes, and dreamlike wind and weather conditions have made Lanzarote a hub for active holidaymakers and ambitious athletes – dubbed the “European Sports Destination”. Surfers find the “Hawaii of Europe”, sailors and windsurfers rejoice in the fantastic wind conditions and summer temperatures, while freedivers find unlimited depth without current – 365 days a year, in short: a mecca for watersports enthusiasts and adventurous souls.


Welcome to our luxurious 7-bedroom, 8-bathroom holiday villa located in a tranquil setting with uninterrupted views over the vast Atlantic Ocean and sunsets behind the magnificent volcanoes of the Timanfaya National Park. The villa has been lovingly restored and modernized for the luxury travel sector and awaits you with all you could wish for.

Among its features, this retreat boasts a carefully designed garden with a heated outdoor swimming pool for our confined water sessions or a relaxing afternoon. Enjoy starlight nights in the hot tub, or relax at the huge stone fire pit with barbecue, and cook delicious dinners in the outdoor kitchen. Enjoy a memorable week with deep dive talks, learning, inspiration and fun among likeminded.



  • 4-days of Freediving (AIDA 2) course. Insurance, certification, material (neoprene, fins, mask, snorkel, weight) included.
  • Daily yoga sessions (60 – 90 minutes)
  • 4 days Oxygen Advantage Advanced Breathwork course
  • Hiking + excursions to the most unforgettable places in Lanzarote (Playa del Risco, Guinate & El Risco, Los Charcones, Timanfaya Volcano Hike…)
  • Daily moderated talks diving into topics such as self-development, goal setting, happiness & well-being, habits & routines and more…


  • 7 days Villa Co-Living


  • Surfing
  • Paragliding
  • Mountainbiking


  • Single room: 1.600 €
  • Double room: 1.200 €
  • Travel and meals excluded

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