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Explore Breathwork 1 day

“The abnormal manner of living adopted by civilized man – the shadow that follows upon civilization – has robbed us of our natural habit of breathing. Man’s only physical & mental salvation is to get back to nature.”

Ramcharaka, The Hindu Yogi Science of Breath (1903)


In the age of distraction and acceleration of our daily lives, improving the skill of attention — the ability to focus on a single subject — is more important than ever. The act of being aware of and consciously controlling one’s breath has been known for thousands of years to be one of the most effective ways to enhance your mind-body connection, regain focus & attention, and improve further parameters linked to health & longevity.

Private Coaching

Deep Dive 4 days

The Deep Dive Program combines Functional Breathwork and Freediving in an intense 4 day course.


This program will help you to access your flow state for optimal performance, increased endurance, focus and razor sharp concentration. On the other hand, your everyday performance is built on rest, recovery and a balanced autonomous nervous system. 

Use your breath to build bulletproof mental & emotional balance, stress resilience and an unshakable sense of calm.


4 x Theory Sessions

Basic Respiratory Physiology & the 3 dimensions of Functional Breathwork (Body Mechanics, Body Chemistry, Awareness & Nervous System)

Freediving & Immersion Experience

Technique, Breathing & Stretching for Freediving, Equalization etc.

Exercise Manual

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